Media Room

Please direct all media inquiries regarding the Mammography Saves Lives™ campaign to Shawn Farley at This includes requests to download photos of the breast cancer survivors featured in the MSL campaign as well as mammography b-roll.

Public Service Announcements

Provided below is a compilation featuring all of the women as well as three versions of each public service announcement for the four featured survivors in the MSL campaign. These public service announcements are all available for download free of charge.

Mammography Saves Lives (:30)

Lidia (:60)Lidia (:30)

Lidia (:15)Lidia (:30 - Spanish)

Pam (:60)Pam (:30)Pam (:15)

Robin (:60)Robin (:30)Robin (:15)

Sunny (:60)Sunny (:30)Sunny (:15)

Photos and B-Roll

Members of the media seeking photos or video to complete their coverage of Mammography Saves Lives™ can receive login information to download the materials by contacting Shawn Farley at